Narrow Networks May Soon be Regulated

Moving toward narrower networks is a growing trend that was ultimately accelerated with the birth of Obamacare. Limiting the physicians that were available to their customers has been used as a way to control costs. Plan subscribers would still have access to a physician of their choice that is not in their network, but it would be more costly for the patient rather than the insurance company.

There has been a growing concern that the reduction of physician networks have resulted in a very limited selection, especially when it comes to certain specialties. According to an article published on Fierce Health Payer, a study reported that up to 14 percent of health plans in the federal marketplace did not have a physician in-network for at least one common specialty.

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SIIA Raffle Winners Unveiled!

In October, CHS attended the Self-Insurance Institute of America’s 35th Annual National Educational Conference and Expo, which was held in Washington, D.C. As in year’s past, we had the opportunity to meet with fellow professionals within the health care industry.  A big thank you to everyone who stopped by and visited our booth!

In addition to attending the show, CHS also runs our annual “Make Us Donate” promotion. This is a fun incentive for event attendees to come to our booth, chat with us and enter themselves into a raffle. There were four drawings held throughout the course of the conference.

What makes this promotion so unique is that the winners have an opportunity to not only win a $50 gift card, but to also donate to a charity of their choice. The charity will receive a $50 donation, unless it is one of the three charities CHS has selected. If so, the donation will be increased to a total of $100!

Congrats to our four winners! Take a look and see who they decided to donate to.


Auto-Enrollment Mandate Repealed in Budget Deal

After the final Supreme Court ruling was made to uphold the Affordable Care Act, it seemed as though Congress had backed down from attempting to repeal or change specific aspects of the law. However, a recent budget deal that was passed by both the House and Senate at the beginning of November made new adjustments to the law.

The Auto-Enrollment Mandate effects companies with over 200 full-time employees offering employer-based health insurance to their workers. The mandate requires businesses to automatically enroll their staff into the company’s insurance plan.

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Both Your Favorite Charity and You Can be Winners at SIIA!

It is fall and as the seasons change, Complete Health Systems, as usual, is heading to Washington, DC to attend the Self-Insurance Institute of America’s 35th Annual National Educational Conference and Expo. This is our favorite conference and we’ve been exhibiting at it for over twenty years!

Make sure you stop by our booth #500 and visit with your favorite staff from CHS. Just pretend that you want to know more about our products and services. No, no you don’t have to do any pretending, just come on by. If you’ve read this far, read on and get your secret passphrase. Using this passphrase will double your chances at winning for you and your favorite charity.

Our usual “Make Us Donate” promotion has a new twist. Read on…

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Adults Need More Than Flu Shot to Stay Healthy Throughout the Year

Late August, early September is typically a time when people take their last vacations of the summer and those with kids get them prepped for the start of a new school year. With that comes back-to-school shopping and annual vaccines to ensure that students are ready for school to start.

Kids have specific health requirements when it comes to vaccines; however, studies show that adults are not as diligent when it comes to staying up on their own immunizations. In the last few years, there has been a big push for Americans to receive the flu vaccine in order to prevent contracting the disease, especially during peak times. The flu shot, however, is not the only vaccine that adults should be receiving.

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Scam Artist Emails Just the Beginning – Scammers Up Game By Utilizing Phishing Emails

For over a decade, we’ve been hearing about email scams that attempt to persuade individuals to give up personal information so that the scammer can steal an entire identity, instead of just gaining access to credit card or bank account information. Those scams have become less effective, but there are new schemes in place to obtain the same information.

Although there are many anti-virus and anti-malware systems that can be used, hackers still find a way to attack corporate systems. Spear phishing, also commonly known as phishing, is one method that has been around for years, but is currently on the rise.

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Telemedicine Continues to Grow in Popularity in U.S.

Due to the evolution of technology, telemedicine has been able to bring doctors and patients together in the virtual world. This innovative tool has allowed patients to seek treatment by communicating directly with their nurse practitioner or doctor over the internet.

This revolutionary advancement in medicine has made doctors more accessible to patients, while also providing an additional avenue for individuals to seek treatment. Studies show that some Americans are slow to convert to this method if offered by their provider, but part of that may be a lack of knowledge.

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