Scam Artist Emails Just the Beginning – Scammers Up Game By Utilizing Phishing Emails

For over a decade, we’ve been hearing about email scams that attempt to persuade individuals to give up personal information so that the scammer can steal an entire identity, instead of just gaining access to credit card or bank account information. Those scams have become less effective, but there are new schemes in place to obtain the same information.

Although there are many anti-virus and anti-malware systems that can be used, hackers still find a way to attack corporate systems. Spear phishing, also commonly known as phishing, is one method that has been around for years, but is currently on the rise.

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Telemedicine Continues to Grow in Popularity in U.S.

Due to the evolution of technology, telemedicine has been able to bring doctors and patients together in the virtual world. This innovative tool has allowed patients to seek treatment by communicating directly with their nurse practitioner or doctor over the internet.

This revolutionary advancement in medicine has made doctors more accessible to patients, while also providing an additional avenue for individuals to seek treatment. Studies show that some Americans are slow to convert to this method if offered by their provider, but part of that may be a lack of knowledge.

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