Telemedicine Continues to Grow in Popularity in U.S.

Due to the evolution of technology, telemedicine has been able to bring doctors and patients together in the virtual world. This innovative tool has allowed patients to seek treatment by communicating directly with their nurse practitioner or doctor over the internet.

This revolutionary advancement in medicine has made doctors more accessible to patients, while also providing an additional avenue for individuals to seek treatment. Studies show that some Americans are slow to convert to this method if offered by their provider, but part of that may be a lack of knowledge.

Survey Sampling International conducted a study, published in Mobile Health News, to estimate how many people are aware that this technology is out there and potentially available to them. Out of 1200 consumers, 41 percent of them had never heard of telemedicine. The number increased for individuals within the 45 to 60 age range, and decreased among millennials.

A lack of knowledge can be helped by providers and patients a like becoming more aware of the benefits of telemedicine.

Here are a few things making telemedicine so valuable to both patients and providers:

  • Connects those in rural or under-served communities to medical treatment.
  • Eliminates costly ER visits or long trips to the nearest hospital.
  • Provides another avenue to medical care, making it more accessible.
  • Specialists can be more available for consults from smaller hospitals.
  • Treatment available in different settings such as the home or daycare facilities.

As the technology grows and consumers’ awareness increases, telemedicine will become another tool that can be utilized to seek medical attention.

Do you currently have access to your doctor through this method? What are your thoughts on this type of technology?


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