Auto-Enrollment Mandate Repealed in Budget Deal

After the final Supreme Court ruling was made to uphold the Affordable Care Act, it seemed as though Congress had backed down from attempting to repeal or change specific aspects of the law. However, a recent budget deal that was passed by both the House and Senate at the beginning of November made new adjustments to the law.

The Auto-Enrollment Mandate effects companies with over 200 full-time employees offering employer-based health insurance to their workers. The mandate requires businesses to automatically enroll their staff into the company’s insurance plan.

Critics have voiced concern about the logistics of this mandate from the beginning. In fact, this aspect of the law has been put in the hands of the Department of Labor and the Department of Justice to finalize how the mandate will be regulated. Details were supposed to be finalized by the end of last year, but that timeline was delayed.

The decision to repeal the Auto-Enrollment Mandate was part of the two-year budget deal that was created and passed by Congress. This provision of the law has always been met with criticism and experts believe repealing the mandate has been a small victory for ACA critics.

The two-year budget deal, which will eliminate a government shutdown from occurring in December, has made changes to other aspects of health care. For more information, please click here.

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