SIIA Raffle Winners Unveiled!

In October, CHS attended the Self-Insurance Institute of America’s 35th Annual National Educational Conference and Expo, which was held in Washington, D.C. As in year’s past, we had the opportunity to meet with fellow professionals within the health care industry.  A big thank you to everyone who stopped by and visited our booth!

In addition to attending the show, CHS also runs our annual “Make Us Donate” promotion. This is a fun incentive for event attendees to come to our booth, chat with us and enter themselves into a raffle. There were four drawings held throughout the course of the conference.

What makes this promotion so unique is that the winners have an opportunity to not only win a $50 gift card, but to also donate to a charity of their choice. The charity will receive a $50 donation, unless it is one of the three charities CHS has selected. If so, the donation will be increased to a total of $100!

Congrats to our four winners! Take a look and see who they decided to donate to.


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