Technology to Impact Health Care by 2020

Once one set of technology has been implemented and users adapted to the changes, it seems that the next wave of new systems are released. As technology continues to evolve, health care as a whole must adapt to the fluid changes that are taking place.

Forbes combined a list of upcoming technologies that could have a significant impact to the world of health care in America by 2020, which is only four years away!

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AHIP Runs Pilot Program for Physician Directory

When it comes to searching for doctors, most people take to the internet in search of a provider in their area, while others defer to their primary physician to recommend a specialist. Concern has been raised in the past that online sources may not have accurate information and up-to-date records on each physician and specialist.

To prevent miscommunicating inaccurate information, America’s Health Insurance Plan, or AHIP, is collaborating with providers and health plans to develop a program that features a comprehensive provider directory. The program is an industry first and would allow a seamless avenue to acquire physician’s information and background.

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