AHIP Runs Pilot Program for Physician Directory

When it comes to searching for doctors, most people take to the internet in search of a provider in their area, while others defer to their primary physician to recommend a specialist. Concern has been raised in the past that online sources may not have accurate information and up-to-date records on each physician and specialist.

To prevent miscommunicating inaccurate information, America’s Health Insurance Plan, or AHIP, is collaborating with providers and health plans to develop a program that features a comprehensive provider directory. The program is an industry first and would allow a seamless avenue to acquire physician’s information and background.

A pilot program will begin next month in Indiana, California and Florida. With 12 health plans participating, AHIP is pleased with the response, stressing that this program requires commitment from both insurers and doctors.

Providers were required to submit information including their contact information, specialty, hospital affiliation, medical group and accepted insurances. Once the doctors have been set-up, BetterDoctor and Availity will be responsible for maintaining updated databases, which will be shared with health plans through their portals.

Once results have been gathered from the pilot programs, the goal of AHIP is to roll out the program nationwide. For more information on the details of this pilot program, take a look at the Healthcare Payer News’ article.

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