Healthiest States – How Does Yours Rank in Latest Study?

America’s Health Rankings has had a 25-year history of analyzing state health information and ranking each state on factors including access to health care, obesity rates, infectious diseases, pollution, smoking, and infant mortality.
Hawaii had been the healthiest state for five years until this year when Massachusetts took the top honor in part for their low percentage of uninsured residents, low obesity rates and having a higher number of mental health providers.

Making Precision Medicine More Precise

“All of Us” Study Looks at DNA, Environmental and Lifestyle Effects on Health

new study from the National Institute of Health will look for one million volunteers to see how the combined variables of DNA, environmental and lifestyle factors affect the health of Americans.
The 10-year-long study will help develop precision medicine that can help create treatments more individualized for patients. Currently, precision medicine is most often used in cancer protocols but researchers hope one day this precision can branch into treatment for diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Hacker Updates Smishing – Smartphone phishing scheme is on the rise

Bad guys are increasingly targeting you through your smartphone. They send texts that trick you into doing something against your own best interest.
 At the moment, there is a mystery shopping scam going on, starting out with a text invitation, asking you to send an email for more info which then gets you roped into the scam.
Always, when you get a text, remember to “Think Before You Tap”, because more and more, texts are used for identity theft, bank account take-overs and to pressure you into giving out personal or company confidential information.
Here is a short video made by USA Today that shows how this works!
(Information courtesy of KnowBe4)