Ask Alexa, for Health Care?

As many of us use Artificial Intelligence (AI) more and more through devices such as our smartphones and other wireless devices and that trend is flowing over into health care. AI voice assistants are being considered for use in hospitals to answer questions nurses are typically called to answer (such as, “What time is lunch?” or “Call a nurse”).
Additionally, questions such as wait times and other information could be answered with data from hospitals. Right now, none of the applications for AI in health care deal with HIPPA-required information, but that could change as technology and medicine continue to evolve. Read the full story.

Health Care from Amazon?

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase announced earlier this month they are partnering to tackle the business of health care and soaring costs. The three heavy-hitting giants didn’t offer much of an explanation of their plans, but given their respective specialities, they are sure to make an impact. CNN Money has more on the story here.
(Source: CNN Money)