High Deductibles Creating High Costs for Patients

dreamstime_m_40277882In the health insurance business, high deductibles were originally meant to help lower costs for patients while giving them more responsibility to pay, avoiding un-needed procedures and doctor’s visits. However, studies are finding that instead, high deductibles keep people who need medical attention from going to get it—and employers are beginning to question how effective these plans are for their employees. Read more.

(Source: Bloomberg.com)

Cybersecurity is More Important Than Ever in 2018

Webp.net-compress-imageA year After WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware created massive breaches for health care organizations, cyberattacks are only increasing—meaning health care facilities must be even more vigilant about their cybersecurity. In just the first six months of 2018, cyberattacks were up 13%. Information breached in an attack can be sold on the dark web and hackers are always looking to profit from stolen data. Read more.

(Source: Modern Healthcare)