Setting Global Standards for Genomics and Health

dreamstime_s_92093481The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) has published a paper reviewing the diverse approaches being taken around the world to integrate genomics into healthcare and presenting a roadmap for sharing strategies, standards, and data internationally to accelerate implementation.

SIIA Announces a Code of Conduct for Captive Managers

Text sign showing Code Of Conduct. Conceptual photo Ethics rules moral codes ethical principles values respect Megaphone loudspeaker brown frame communicating important information.The Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) recently released a code of conduct for captive managers to help strengthen industry practices and offer uniform professionalism to the industry. Read the entire Code of Conduct from SIIA.

CHS and Partner Offer Tool to Rein in Plan Cost

infographics_COLOR_MODIFIED.fw_ (1)From time to time, Complete Health Systems (CHS) partners with other companies to offer services that create value for their clients.
Zakipoint Health is one of them. The healthcare industry has no shortage of data. However, it does suffer a shortage of timely, relevant information focused on patients/plan members’ behavior modification delivered via the most effective communication channels.
We believe that plan sponsor CFOs are looking for a clearer understanding of predictive costs, and the specific member-based actions necessary to stabilize future healthcare spending. The challenge is to bring together all the healthcare data in an actionable form, so that insights and actions align; and that members are informed, educated and motivated to take action that can result in saving for the employee and the employer.
CHS and Zakipoint Health have partnered to provide plan administrators the ability to IDENTIFY, ACT, and TRACK the actions of high-cost plan participants, which may include inappropriate ER utilization, high-cost drugs, and/or chronic diseases – such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hyperlipidemia, or more. For more information view a short, 150 second, video here.
Contact CHS at 800-524-2327 or email for more information.

Number of Uninsured Rises in 2017

The extension of Medicaid to low-income people and providing income subsidies for individuals below 400% of poverty with the enactment of the Affordable Care Act decreased the number of uninsured Americans from 44 million to just under 27 million. In 2017, however those numbers began to rise again and 700,000 people were uninsured again. The Kaiser Family Foundation looks at the key facts about the uninsured in America.

KFF insured chart

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Four Possible Drug Pricing Solutions

Founder and CEO of VIVIO Health, Pramod John, offers four possible solutions to address the issue of high drug prices in America. These solutions all vary but call on pharmaceutical companies to dramatically change how they do business—including changes to pricing structures in the U.S. versus other countries; increasing competition; overhauling federal regulations and setting new standards.

Source: Validation Institute